Client: Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.

Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Hospitality | Industrial | Construction


Complete all environmental assessments, prepare work plans and demolish the AstroWorld/WaterWorld Theme Park within 40 days, which encompassed over 100 acres and 250 buildings.

Former AstroWorld/WaterWorld Decommissioning and Demolition

Former AstroWorld roller coaster prior to demolition


Concurrent asbestos abatement with hazardous materials inventory, lead-based paint characterization; removal of tank systems and closure of permits. TGE delineated impacted areas; developed remediation/hazardous materials management plans; completed contract and compliance documents; managed asbestos abatement contractors; and completed closure documentation. In addition, TGE negotiated on behalf of its client for “closure” of storage tanks and other areas of concern to the satisfaction of local and state regulatory authorities and completed multiple LPST case corrective action cases. This project was demanding, rigorous, fast-paced, and involved multiple agency negotiations with unique technical requirements.


Regulated removal of hazardous and asbestos-containing materials on an accelerated schedule, ultimately enabling the client to proceed with planned full demolition of the former theme park.

Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank (AST) at AstroWorld


Former AstroWorld structure prior to asbestos abatement and demolition


Demolition of AstroWorld structures


PCB-containing equipment awaiting disposal management during AstroWorld demolition


Phase II Assessment of former AstroWorld property


Former AstroWorld property following park decommissioning and demolition